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[info]indiepromotion's old number 7 [16 Mar 2025|03:20pm]
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ooc order of business [16 Mar 2024|03:22pm]

scenes/custom requests/general bullshit go here
complaints go to my agent sami callihan.
location: in odessa
status: engaging in regular sexual relations with [info]straightfire

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[28 Jun 2018|10:51am]
anons are on.

it's that time again to ask each other questions. be nice to one another. be passive aggressive, whichever.

why do it you ask? because it's fun and y'all do it anyway.

xo uncle deano
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ask me anything. [22 Mar 2018|08:11pm]
alright ladies and germs, uncle deano is a) bored and b) feels like answering all of life's burning questions which you may have. where to eat? ask. relationship advice? sure! is it still itching and burning after 72 hours? time to visit someone, nick. just messing with ya, brother. it's all love here.

comments are screened anon-anona-anon-hypos welcome. i'm not gonna reveal who asked what if you don't want me to in the next installment. this will be open until it is.

you want to ask me personal shit? go for it. i will only allow myself one hard pass.
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